As of the 1st October 2015, I am now working as an independent English teacher and consultant in Geneva area. This significant moment comes as a result of many years of successful experience, many years of networking and building up a contact list and many years of working within over charging, poorly run schools. This new adventure working for myself will enable me to provide a better service with better results at a more favorable price by in effect, cutting out the middle men.

I have been a professional English trainer for around 8 years, most recently specializing in private students needing to advance in their professional life, visiting banks, pharmaceutical companies and even a major luxury watch manufacturer. I have extensive experience of all English exams both in business and general English, which students often need for University qualification, promotion or maybe just because we seem to be living in a bi-lingual city. I find that working with a student towards an exam qualification gives them a goal, gives them motivation and also helps them to see their progress.

Before coming to Switzerland I lived for 12 years in Catalunya in Spain, working as a property developer, designer, project manager and I had my own construction business. My love and passion for teaching and communicating came from my time in Spain. After learning Spanish and doing all my business in Spanish, I found that I was spending more and more time helping my partners, suppliers and contacts to improve their English. The financial crisis in Spain and the rest of Europe meant that the construction and real estate industries stopped almost overnight, so i took the chance to rent out the properties in my possession long term, put the business on pause and retrain myself as an English teacher.

My CV also includes being the production manager and director of a candle company, a bar manager, I have restored 2 yachts and take an interest in design and construction. My Qualifications were originally in design and interior architecture.

I am now settled and happy working with the people in Geneva.

English teacher Geneva

English teacher Geneva

As a teacher you will find me extremely relaxing and friendly, and I will motivate you to achieve yours goals. I can supply you with many references and welcome you to call them. I maintain an ongoing relationship with my students and stay available to help them in the future should they need.

The first class is free, let us sit down and discuss what you need.

Please leave me a message below and I will get back to you.

Simon Wright