“Simon was my English teacher for 6 months and I was very satisfied with him. He helped me to improve my skills to be able to study master courses in English. He adapted the method to my needs, which helped me to improve quickly. Simon was a patient and pleasant teacher and I keep a good memory of his English lessons”

Karen Pelletier    Student at University of Geneva    contact:

“I greatly appreciated Simon’s technical competence and professionalism, I look forward to cooperate with him again in the future.”

Roberto Magnatantini.     Head of Global Equities,  SYZ Asset management (Suisse) SA

“I  hired and employed Simon for 3 years as director of Wall street Geneva

He was a student favourite and was happy and open to go the extra mile with students to get them to reach their learning goals. He also had excellent reviews and results with our Corporate clients and was well versed in teaching a number of business curriculum’s and specific language content and engaging the students in fun and targeted lessons. 

I can wholeheartedly recommend Simon as an excellent teacher for both private students and corporate clients, you won’t be disappointed. 

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any more questions”

Matthew Jones     Branch Manager at Albedis SA and Interiman SA, Lausanne.     contact:

“I have had the opportunity to benefit from the expertise of Simon Wright and enjoyed the originality and quality of his educational efforts and dialogue. I feel confident in recommending Mr. Wright’s teaching services. He is not only thorough, but also easy to work with, and always willing to take the time needed for the appropriate approaches to each individual case or particular situation”
Marc-André Rappaz
Professor at the Geneva University of Music (HEM)
Co-director of The Geneva Emotion and Music laboratory.


“Simon est un professeur d’anglais très sympathique et enthousiaste.Pour les débutants le professeur
à avoir, car avec sa mimique (mythique) il arrive à se faire comprendre sans s’obliger de le dire
en français.
Pour moi, de langue maternelle allemande et française, j’estime que sa manière d’animer ses cours
est la clé de la réussite pour les débutants comme aussi pour ceux qui ont déjà un certain
niveau et veulent avoir un certificat”

Christian Lavanchy   BNP PARIBAS



 “I used Simon’s services to improve my English and I am extremely happy with his work. He analyzed my problems immediately,and helped me to understand why I made them and how to correct them. He is patient, knows his material and how to teach it. I highly recommend you try Simon if you need to improve your English. Simon is an excellent teacher”Mireille Spycher Chabry   Personal/Professional Coach


“Simon est un excellent prof d’anglais, et ceci autant pour ses compétences que pour le relationnel qu’il réussit à créer. Les cours d’anglais sont de réels moments de plaisir et grâce à ça, la motivation d’apprendre devient de plus en plus forte au fur et à mesure des cours.”
François F.



”Simon vous met tout de suite à l’aise et sans vous rendre compte vous améliorez rapidement votre niveau. Proactif, Il adapte le cours en fonction des lacunes et besoins de chacun de ses élèves. Très satisfait je vous le recommande vivement.”

Jean~Marc Roten          Gestionnaire chez Banque Internationale à Luxembourg (BIL)



Simon is a brilliant and really good English teacher, he helped me a lot in passing my English certificate.
He is fully committed to helping you improve your English, don’t hesitate to call him!Patrice Leclercq
Information systems and core business applications manager – System Integration – Project management – IT operations

In response to my linked-in post: ‘Word of mouth is hard when you are new’

Couldn’t agree more ! Simon Wright was one of the best English teacher I had… If you’re looking for an English teacher I would definitely recommend him. His fun style, helpful, and selflessness make him unforgettable teacher… Although i am no longer his student, he always gives me a hand whenever I have a doubt in writing. Thanks Simon Wright

Anny Rosyani   IOMBA Université de Genève, Switzerland


Best English teacher I ever had. Great energy. By magic make you pass any exams you wish to have. Can’t wait to start again with Simon in Geneva. Even my best Friend , who is Scottish, noticed some progress…can you imagine?

Cyrille Catherine  LEGAL OFFICER I Business Law, Technology Transfer and International Transactions


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